Q: What is a "Success Strategy Session" (S3)?

A: You will be working with 1-2 members of our staff. You will have an session with a certified personal trainer.

1. We will do a fitness evaluation/training session. You should wear something comfortable, or you can change at the facility.

2. A body composition to determine your body makeup. You can't know where you are going unless you know where you are starting. It's better to wear something form fitting clothing for this if possible as we use 3-D body scanning system by Styku. If this dosen't work for you thats fine we have other methods to determine body composition.

3. Also we do an analysis of your past fitness/health history (success/failure), and formulate a plan for future success

4. We also check and evaluate what type of a nutrition program fits you best...

5. We will present you with a custom tailored program that we recommend for the optimum outcome for you! Even our 12 week programs are custom designed for each individual person